Randy Baker

Randy Baker has over 25 years of experience teaching natural history and history to people of all ages. As an ex-teacher and as a highly trained naturalist Randy understands what it takes to hold the attention of viewers that range from preschool children to post-graduate adults. Randy’s highly energetic and professional style of presenting scientific and historical information has resulted in his receiving numerous state wide and national awards.  Here’s a list of his lecture topics.

He has traveled many of the traditional routes of the voyageurs in canoes rangeing in size from 16 feet to 35 feet. Randy utilizes his 35 foot voyageur canoe to conduct tours along the former routes of the voyageurs. Randy has worked with a wide variety of animals and has taken care of everything from deer to eagles and bobcat to bad tempered turtles. Randy has at one time or another caught everything from alligators to rattlesnakes, from armadillo to tarantulas and pretty much anything in between. There is nothing like a hands on experience to enhance a program.

Randy has been leading  wildlife tours throughout North and Central America for nearly 10 years and utilizes these  hands on experiences to personalize the programs. It is his concern for quality combined with his 11 years of university training that produces the extraordinary presentations for your school or for your organization. The personal touch is what you get when Randy presents a program.