Mary Jane Doerr – Topics

“The Bay View Association, a National Historic Landmark” By Mary Jane Doerr
Bay View, Michigan, was the largest community landmark effort in Michigan History. At the time of the award in 1989, it was the first landmark granted to Michigan in sixteen years marking a resurgence of interest in state historic properties. An example of both the American Methodist camp meeting movement and the independent Chautauqua assembly, the resort community is recognized not only for its romantic layout and Victorian architecture but its social contributions. The Bay View Assembly program has brought numerous public figures to northern Michigan since the late 1800’s. The Bay View Summer University and College of Liberal Arts offered the only accredited college level classes in northern Michigan nearly eighty years. The Bay view Egyptian Collection now makes up a substantial portion of the artifacts at the Kelsey Museum of Archeology at the U of M. The Bay View Magazine, a correspondence course, served the educational interests of the place where the book “The Joy of Cooking” has its roots and the popular song “Smile” was written. Program length is 45 minutes which includes a 17 minute Award Winning Video. Note: equipment needed VHS player and TV set or projection.

“Women’s Suffrage…Michigan Women in the Chautauqua Community” by Mary Jane Doerr
In the tiny historic community resort of Bay View, Michigan near Petoskey, women began congregating in the late 1880’s to study and learn about political educational, and domestic issues. From that time until the turn of the century nearly 200 suffragists appeared on the Bay View Assembly to lecture to audiences that numbered into hundreds and sometimes thousands. Bay View was the site of the organizational meeting for the Federation of Women’s Clubs – Michigan, and featured nearly 200 nationally and locally known women suffragists on its program. Some of these nationally famous women and the Michigan women that made this possible are featured in this lecture. Program length 45 Minutes. Equipment needed Overhead Projector.