David Trotter – Topics

“Beneath Twelve O’clock Point” by David Trotter
On this underwater adventure, David takes you to the “Kamloops”, a 250 freighter, which sank in 1927 at the end of the shipping season. She had remained a “Ghost Ship” until her discovery in the 1970’s. David stories on the filming and survey work plus the actual scenes of the engine room of this well preserved shipwreck make this an outstanding multi-media presentation. Program length 45 minutes plus Q and A.

“Collision! Call All Vessels!” by David Trotter 
David Trotter has led expeditions and discovered shipwrecks in all the Great Lakes with the exception of Lake Ontario. David’s underwater photography of these shipwrecks and story telling have amazed and entertained thousands of people. The lectures and visual presentation are designed for people of all ages. He tailors the presentation to the audience. Program length 45 to 60 minutes depending on the audience.

“Friday…The 13th” by David Trotter
In this lecture and multi-media adventure, David takes you to the cold dark waters off Pointe Aux Barques to see the wreckage of the Fred A. Lee, a Canadian 70 foot tug. This ship on its last voyage of the year was bound for Sault St. Marie when it sank on Friday the 13th in the notorious lake storm of 1913  All hands on board were lost. David unfolds the mystery of its sinking and offers new theories on her disappearance. Program length 45 minutes plus Q & A

“For whom the Bell Tolls” by David Trotter
This unique presentation focuses on early navigation on the Great Lakes. It features David’s story telling and the historic discovery of the side-wheel steamer, “Detroit”, which sunk, on May 25, 1854, when it collided with the “Barque Nucleus”. The audience experiences the adventure through the eyes of the divers as they explore the cavities and swim across the decks to view the Paddlewheels of the intact ship. The ship has rested on the bottom of Lake Huron for 140 years, a sight to behold, as only David Trotter can tell the story of this historic ship. Program length 45 minutes plus Q and A.

“The Morrell Encounter” by David Trotter
David tells the story of the now famous ship “The Daniel J. Morrell” which sank in 1966 off Pointe Aux Barques. The ship wreckage at the bottom of Lake Huron is in two pieces, five miles apart. The stern section was located by the Coast Guard in 1966. The bow section was found in 1979. The photography of the dive to the Morrell is outstanding. David tells the many stories of terror and the last hours of this ship. Twenty-eight crewmen lost their lives. David recounts the personal triumph of the lone survivor, Dennis Hale.  Program length 45 minutes plus Q and A.

“The Quest for the Minnedosa” by David Trotter
David Trotter through his Great Lakes Adventure and Discover lectures brings to life Michigan’s sunken ship history. David is a renowned shipwreck discoverer, deep diver, author, and photographer. The quest for the Minnedosa is the story of a 15 year search for the largest schooner (250 ft.) built in Canada and lost with all hands off the “Thumb” of Michigan. Program length 45 minutes plus Q and A.

“Shattered Dreams…The Hunter Savidge Story” by David Trotter
David relates the story of an 1899 whirlwind squall which capsized the “Hunter Savidge”, a 117 foot sailing vessel, off Grindstone City in Lake Huron. Captain Fred Sharpsteen was from Sebewaing, Michigan. In a period of 10 seconds Captain Sharpsteen’s wife, Rose and son, John went down in the storm. Also trapped in the cabin were Mrs John Mullerweiss from Alpena, the wife of the owner and Etta, their daughter. Other crew members and Captain Sharpsteen managed to survive this mysterious squall. A rescue team searched for other survivors to no avail. This is another outstanding story as only David can relive the events. Program length 45 minutes plus Q and A.

“Titans Clash!…Then Death in the Abyss” by David Trotter
David through his “Great Lakes Adventure and Discover” lecture series brings to life the Marine history and shipwreck discoveries of the Great Lakes. This lecture and visual presentation features the discovery and exploration of the 436 foot Frank H.Goodyear the ship that changed Great Lakes history. David’s programs are designed for people of all ages which he tailors to enlighten any audience. Program length 45 minutes plus Q and A.