Bud Graske

Now offering two topics for 2020:
“Old World Christmas Traditions” & “Africa is calling:  What you need to know to plan the trip of a lifetime”

Veteran traveler and location video expert Bud Graske leads a lively one-hour presentation, Africa is Calling, using his personal experiences to show how to ask the right questions before choosing a safari experience.

The continent of Africa contains more bio and eco-diversity than any other, and has the land mass of China, India, the United States and most of Europe put together.

Would-be visitors are faced with a bewildering array of options, from camel treks through the northern Sahara to penguin encounters near the Cape of Good Hope at Africa’s southwestern tip.  A recent Google search yields over 2,300 listed safari operators all clamoring for tourist dollars.

Here’s some of the information that Veteran traveler and location video expert Bud  will discuss:
– How do I get the best photos?
– Join a tour or go on my own?
– Where is the best place to see my choices?
– When is the best time to go?
– What can I bring home?
– What about money and currency issues?
– Tented camps or hotels and lodges?

After the presentation Bud will lead a Q&A session to allow the audience to ask follow-ups on any of the subjects raised. Handouts also will be provided.

Contact Bud Graske via email: bud_graske (at) yahoo.com

New topic for 2020:  Old World Christmas Traditions

Join veteran traveler Bud Graske on a deep dive into Old World Christmas Traditions, with a special emphasis on the Rhine and Danube river valleys and the Bavarian Alps. Visit Christmas markets that date back to 1623, and meet St. Nick’s demonic doppelgänger, the Krampus!

Today a beloved cultural icon, the Krampus traces his roots back to medieval passion plays, and those roots reached all the way to Elizabethan England where Shakespeare included a reference in his masterpiece Hamlet.

You’ll also meet the Christkind, a stand-in for the baby Jesus as gift-giver who is always played by a young blond girl.  We’ll also discuss tasty treats, and attendees will receive classic recipes for Christmas Stollen cakes as well as an ancient recipe for Nurnberger Liebkuchen.


More about the presenter, Bud Graske:

Bud is a video and film producer/director who has literally traveled over a million miles in his career to get to shooting locations. Here he is in Daytona with NASCAR legend Daryl Waltrip to shoot some Goodyear commercials. As the producer, Bud needed to efficiently get large groups of actors and crew to these locations, so he’s learned a thing or two about traveling smart by avoiding problems as well as grabbing opportunities …

Bud is now sharing his love of travel (along with his planning skills) in a series of informative talks that help his audiences know how to get the most out of their “trip of a lifetime”. From planning an African safari to getting the most out of a European river cruise, Bud will show how to get the most bang for the buck, and make the best use of precious time.

Contact Bud Graske via email: bud_graske (at) yahoo.com