Bill Jamerson – Topics

”It’s Daylight in the Swamp” Songs & Stories by Bill Jamerson
Journey back to the days of swampers, choppers and skidders, where men ate beans and molasses for breakfast before working the woods all day. The only thing bigger that their appetites were the tall tales they told in the bunkhouse. Bill shares many of these tales along with songs about the lives of walking bosses, river hogs, top loaders and teamsters. Lumberjack stories offer a colorful view of our past that appeal to audiences of all ages.

”Roosevelt’s Tree Army: The Civilian Conservation Corps in Michigan”
Songs & Stories by Bill Jamerson  
The CCC planted hundreds of millions of trees across the upper Midwest during the Great Depression. The 17 to 21 year old youths also fought forest fires, restored damaged riverbanks, cut truck trails and built airports. The Federal Works Program created under President Roosevelt not only restored damaged wilderness but helped the young men grow in discipline and self confidence. Bill wrote a dozen original songs that celebrate this life changing experience for many youth.

”Saturday Night Sauna” Songs & Stories of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula by Bill Jamerson
Imagine living in the U.P. where seven out of ten adults were foreign born, a place where a person could live their entire life without speaking English. Bills original songs tell the story of life in mining towns like Negaunee and Ishpeming. The favorite winter sport was ski jumping, Saturday night was a time to join a friend in a sauna and pasties were the food of choice for iron miners. The songs tell the story of a unique culture that flourished due to its isolation.