PSI_lorenzoCS_3-13-2Program Source International, through its founders, Al and Dave Eicher, have created this website to help people locate special programs presented by a platform speaker offering topics of a historic nature.

“Michigan History Lectures” 
is a resource center for finding qualified speakers with presentations about Michigan’s history and early American history.  An ideal resource for program directors of Libraries, Retirement Communities, Historical and Genealogical Societies, Museums, Schools, Colleges and groups such as the Institute for Learning in Retirement.

The Collection and or Listing:
The collection of Lecture Topics is arranged in alphabetical order. The name of the lecturer plus a brief description of the presentation follows including length of program. For Information about lecturer’s telephone number, e-mail, website and service charge click on home page button “Contact Info”. Background information on each lecturer is available by clicking on “Lecturer Bio’s”.  Currently, there are over 90 topics listed in our database.

If you lecture on Michigan History or know someone who could benefit from being listed here, send us an email or call us at 248-333-2010