Priscilla Massie

Elbow Grease & Wood Smoke:  Michigan’s Culinary Past
Step back into Michigan’s past to sniff a warm country kitchen filled with the magic aroma of freshly baked bread, rich stew bubbling on a back burner, and wood smoke – an era when every dish was lovingly prepared from scratch by cooks using treasured recipes handed down through generations. Enjoy the nostalgia of old kitchen utensils worn thin through decades of use, massive wood burning ranges that dominated the kitchen, and cherry-cheeked Victorian cooks sporting hour-glass figures and mutton-chop sleeves  Learn the secrets of measuring ingredients by the egg shell, hickory nut, walnut, a pinch, a dash, or a “nickels worth!”

Priscilla Massie & Larry Massie, a husband and wife team of historians from the Allegan Forest who specialize in the heritage of the state they love so well, will engage you on a guided tour of Michigan’s culinary past, including a display of antique kitchen artifacts. Dressed in historic costume, she will prepare savory samples of old-time delicacies for everyone to try. It’s a 50 minute, fast-paced presentation with food tasting, questions, answers and comments following. Please note, men as well as women and children enjoy this fun-filled romp through food history. Priscilla has a weekly cooking segment called “Made in Michigan” on WWMT-CBS (follow this link for information on the show and sample recipes ) that features Michigan foods

The Massies co-authored the award-winning cookbook Walnut Pickles & Watermelon Cake: A Century of Michigan Cookery published by Wayne State University Press. Bon Appetit Magazine selected the volume as “one of the top eight regional cookbooks in the nation,” describing it as “full of period artworks and tasty tidbits of history and lore”. For further information email or call 269-673-3633.  Here’s a list of the Massie’s lecture topics.